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March 05, 2008


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#3 is so cute!


you know i'm with you on #5!

and dustin and i are the same way with tv series and movies with sequels, although we've had to control it a little better since having all these kids ;)


hee hee, this is a hilarious list, Tanya!

1. I never, ever set my alarm clock for an even numbered time. Never 6:22, only 6:23, etc. I think it is mild OCD ; )

4. Matt and I watched the first four seasons of The Sopranos and all of Sex and the City this way! We can't pull that kind of luxury anymore, though. Same as Mindi. All these kids.

6. Alice Cooper used to scare me too, but then I completely changed my mind about him. He has a radio show now that's on in the evenings--when I would run errands when we lived in Colorado I would listen to it at night. He is actually really funny and very smart/well-spoken, and his show was fun to listen to--mostly music (not Alice Cooper style music, per se) and a little talking. I kind of miss Alice. ; )


I answered your tag... in a very long-winded kind of way. :) We are sending a blizzard your way.. any day now. :D


Andy is recently a 24 junkie He was so bummed when Costco ran out of Season 2 last weekend. I'll catch up on this tag soon- thanks!

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