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August 27, 2008


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oh Tanya.. your party looks like so much fun.
I'll be praying hard for you that the course of steroids helps you feel loads better. Hopefully, as you say, you'll be feeling better soon.
Take good care of yourself and rest when you need to, ok?


Omg, the tree is so sparkly, looks like a great spot for a party. Wish I could see you and your neat new place. You look so much like all the people in the picture with your Gran!! Especially the guy on the far right! I think it is the smile. :o)Your Nan's cake is fabulous, the yarn is outstanding!

Tanya, I'm hoping your treatment helps you feel better. Rats, to find that out hey!Hugs for you Tanya, I'll be painting away in my kitchen and sending good energy your way! I always think about everyone I know, when I paint.

P.S Incredible Gluten Free access in Washington. Even in the smallest of places, they had GF cookies in the coffee shops. BC is quite good too!


what a fun party and such a great cake!

i'm so sorry you're having health issues. i hope everything goes well for you and you have a quick recovery :)


I love Nan's cake. I've had so little time to really get on here other than work, I've missed your blog...

The yarn is so great on it. I love the way you wrote in with the yarn. My fave part about it though is the pattern pressed into the fondant.

Thinking of you....xo


It's been a while since I've had time to take a look over here. I hope you are doing better!
Your party looks like so much fun, and your house is looking Amazing!


WOW, that's some cake, Tanya! My grandma was a professional knitter (if there is such a thing) for years--she did samples for Better Homes and Gardens. She can't knit any more because of arthritis. She turns 90 next month-oh, how I wish I could magically transport this cake to Florida!

Hope you are feeling better.

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