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August 01, 2008


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tanya that is amazing! beautiful beautiful cake, once again :)


the cake is very pretty tanya!


every time I see one of your cakes I wish you lived close by so I could hire you for every special occasion (or ordinary one). (Well, also so you could be my close-by friend). Now I also wish I could invent a time machine so you could make my wedding cake for me, because aside from using my husband's grandparents' cake topper (they had been married 49 years the summer we got married)it wasn't a pretty or cool cake at all. *sigh* But this! It's amazing! : )


Hi Tanya, your cake is beautiful, excellent craftsmanship! In textiles, my instructor would often point out, especially in moments of frustration, "remember", she would say, "handmade quality." You the artist, with your cake, at the occasion for which you created it, girl you're at your own gallery opening! LOL

Can't wait to read some of your posts!!! luv luv

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