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August 14, 2008


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I don't know why this brings tears to my eyes- but it does. I will pray for this man, and hope this is the lesson he indeed needed to get back on track with life. And what blessing that your "what-ifs" were just that- what ifs.

Stay calm and carry on. Maybe I need to order one of those, too.
Happy Friday, Tanya ;)


I mean, keep, Keep calm...


That is a truly touching story, T. I'm so glad no one was hurt. I also want to buy (need to buy?) one of those posters. : )


I love this story for many reasons Tanya, but mostly because of your desire to believe the best of people, wether they deserve it or not. :) If only more people believed the best of people.

Mary Jo

So glad it worked out in the end!
Something so similar happened to us when Evan was a baby. A man (he'd been drinking)crashed a stolen car into my husband's truck parked in front of our house, which knocked his truck into my car.
I don't think the man was hurt, but we'll never know because according to witnesses he stumbled off from the scene.
So our insurance had to cover $9000 worth of damage.
After which they promptly dropped us :0p
I always laugh when they send letters wanting our business back.
Anyway, I was pretty angry about it for awhile, but what are you going to do. Can't dwell on it, right?
Your attitude and kindness is inspirational!


this was a great story tanya! i'm glad you waited it out for him too. :) pretty good reason to get that poster i think.

suzanne b.

I have tears in my eyes from reading this, Tanya. What good folks you are, in a world full of litigious people going after whatever they can get. I'm really touched.


What a great story! You know, joe & I fel the same wayabout giving people the benefit of the doubt. Kudos to you both. What wonderful people you 2 are; it almost gives me hope for humanity...almost.

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