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September 12, 2008


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your kitchen looks great!
i want to know exactly how you made that sandwich, it looks delicious!

Mary Jo

Tanya - your house is looking beautiful! :0)
And so does the cake!


Love it alll..... want your kitchen and that sandwich. Maybe not a slice of fruitcake, but how about a slice of your cake? :)


LOOK at that! Five tiers! I only recently did my first 4 tiered! And was totally intimidated by it! You know I love it. The house is looking beautiful. LOVE the kitchen. Looks like some good fondant rolling counters.



You ARE too busy to live! Thats not true, you just live a little differently thats all. Geez, kiddo, how are you supposed to sqeeze a kid into your busy schedule?? The house is coming along so beautifully--that kitchen is knock out gorgeous! You know, it's even getting a bit cooler here too. I forget that it's already Sept.


your kitchen looks fantastic! the colours are great!

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