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August 04, 2009


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Your move to NJ is temporary, I hope? You won't have to give up your wonderful renovated home? Hmm. Change is so hard. But I always come to the conclusion that it usually ends up OK in the end, despite how hard it is. That really is a good opportunity!

I don't think your drs should be vacationing and leaving you to wait. This makes me annoyed for you : ( I think about you a lot and hope for the best, whatever the best is!!

Mary Jo

You know I love to put my ipod on shuffle all the time. I like not knowing what's coming next, too :0)

I'm sorry your fertility treatments have been so frustrating. I'm also hoping for the best for you!


I was just thinking about the move to NJ, too- will you keep your home and rent it out? What will you do while Dean is schooling it?

I enjoyed the Twilight series, too, in fact, it got me reading rabidly in the beginning of the year, so for that I'm thankful. But I don't see picking up the series again any time soon. Andy has already read it a second time,he cracks me up.

Team Edward?

I will join you in prayer concerning how you will grow your family GOd bless you, T.


Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog the other day. I hope you have a blessed week!


Laura MacGregor

hey Tanya-I love reading your blog, you're such a good writer,can you believe its been 10 years since we graduated?
Laura x

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