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March 24, 2010


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i'm so happy you're blogging again. :)


What a lovely post about your doings and your feelings. Here's hoping your change of scenery continues to be good for you. :)


I have found that true of moving too... It offers a different perspective on what was behind.

I love where you're living now! It's so fun to see so much about it and about your trips. NYC is on my places to visit in my life list...

This weekend, I crossed one off, Phoenix, so I am still going to reply to your email and drop a prize in the real mail ;)


Lest we not forget a stumble down the stairs in central park!!! Surely that has to top the list of exciting things to happen since you've moved to Jersey!!!

Love you honey...wish I could hop a plane and be back with you tomorrow!!! xo

Joanne Dunne

I enjoy reading your blog. Great pictures too.

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