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May 11, 2010


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I love you...and am right there with ya my dear!!! Thanks for the smile tonight!!!


I enjoyed reading this immensely. I especially know what you mean about expecting to be in a different place in your life than where you are - I am also in that different place, not at all where I thought I'd be, but I'm happy.


I can't imagine the youth every leaving your pretty face Tanya.

p.s. you've got a real way with words. do you write a lot?



Isn't it funny how what you imagine changes unexpectedly?

This weekend, I pulled a pair of shoes out that I haven't liked but were too new to give away. Suddenly, they seem like me. I don't think they've changed in their three years in the closet!

How does that happen?

Thanks for sharing this... so much to think about... although I think 50 is the new middle age ;)


Tanya, I love your letters week. I want to write a letter to my almost middle-aged self, too, but then I don't want to admit that I'm almost there. Can I just write it to my 16-year-old self and save years of heartache and missteps?

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